Chairman & MD's Message

I started with a small manufacturing unit in Kolkata, West Bengal in 1982. Over the years, Shree Niwas Textiles Pvt. Ltd. has built an enduring brand image in the kid’s garment market. With the rapid growth that the Company has been experiencing, in both sales and profits, we are constantly expanding and innovating our products and production techniques while maintaining an uncompromising stance on comfort and quality of our products.

Customer satisfaction was and will continue to be our top most priority. It was the sole fundamental on which, Shree Niwas Textiles was founded. The recent involvement of us in different social marketing platforms has increased the frontier of direct interaction with our clients and customers. This has helped us to get valuable feedback from the market which is being used by our marketing and designing team to keep the company on track.

Our Future Course of Action:
  • We are prepared to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing market of the kids garment industry.
  • We are continuing our brand building exercise to further our presence in the market both in India and aboard.

I also remain deeply inspired by the Government of India’s ideology of MAKE IN INDIA and wish to thank all our customers, agents, buyers, my able colleagues and team mates who work side by side to accomplish new milestones in the company’s journey- a journey that I once started with a sum of 5000 rupees and my father’s blessing.

Thanking you for reposing your trust in us.
( Chairman & MD )